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How PPS Works!

cameraPPS is a Patented 2 Step Paint Sealant process and proper application will ensure a strong and lasting finish.

beakerPPS has many imitators in the marketplace today ... but ONLY PPS . has lab tests and industry approvals to back its claims! See all…

filmstripRain water beads on the surface and runs off showing that the protection is still there after months of driving..


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The Worlds ONLY Patented Paint Sealant!

Today's clear-coat technology isn't tough enough on its own to survive the harsh environment. PPS is like to other - it's the only system that chemically fuses a durable shield to the original finish. PPS actually adds strength to the finished surface to seal out pollutants and keep the vehicle looking "Showroom New"

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PPS "The Worlds only Patented Paint Sealant"




Be careful of the Imitators?




Remember the PPS Paint Sealant is the only one that bears our original PPS logo, name and Patent number on EVERY kit. So look for the logo.



PPS has proven to work in many Markets!

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