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How PPS Works!

cameraPPS is a Patented 2 Step Paint Sealant process and proper application will ensure a strong and lasting finish.

beakerPPS has many imitators in the marketplace today ... but ONLY PPS . has lab tests and industry approvals to back its claims! see more ...

filmRain water beads on the surface and runs off showing that the protection is still there after months of driving..


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PPS Market Penetration - Video

PPS Paint Sealant Technology is the only product that fuses a PTFE coating and works on any metal or painted surface to protect it with only 1 application. PPS can work in your industry too..



AUTOMOTIVE ... give your vehicle that “Showroom New” look for as long as you own it. Protect it against tree sap, UV rays, bug damage, acid rain and other airborne oxidants. PPS chemically fuses a durable shield to the original factory finish to
achieve this long term protection.
AGRICULTURAL ... there are many applications for the agricultural industry. PTFE protects your equipment, stops surface fading, reduces maintenance and clean-up time by making dirt and contaminants easier to remove.

AVIATION ... PPS has proven to reduce expenses, wind drag and enhance the overall appearance of the aircraft by protecting from...

  • ice formation
  • insects, bird and carbon deposits
  • oxidation and UV degradation
  • reduce wind drag
MARINE ... The PPS Technology has contributed to our market growth in the marine industry over the past few years. With marine promotional materials along with FISA acceptance and real application results we have been able to prove that PPS really does work on any surface in any condition.

INDUSTRIAL ... PPS Sealant with PTFE resins can greatly reduce your overall industrial costs by...

  • virtually eliminating contamination and decreasing downtime and clean-up
  • reducing maintenance costs
RECREATIONAL ... motorhomes and trailers can travel for thousands of miles and experience more wear and tear and climate changes than most vehicles, and they usually cost alot more too. PPS with PTFE can keep your "home away from home" looking great and help to reduce the maintenance required to keep it looking great for as long as you own it.
POWERSPORT ... motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and ATV's s take alot of extreme abuse and require special attention. PPS with PTFE can keep your "TOY" looking great and maintain it's new shiny look for as long as you own it.
TRANSPORTATION ... long hours on the road, construction and all types of weather conditions contribute to the fast decline of your fleet's exterior. PPS can help save you hours of maintenance, clean-up time and protect that investment for years.


  1. The PPS Technology and its Patented process
  2. Waxes and Silicones - and why they don't work
  3. Marketing Materials, Products and Services
  4. Laboratory Testing Results
  5. Testimonials and Approvals
  6. Application Techniques and Procedures