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How PPS Works!

cameraPPS is a Patented 2 Step Paint Sealant process and proper application will ensure a strong and lasting finish.

beakerPPS has many imitators in the marketplace today ... but ONLY PPS . has lab tests and industry approvals to back its claims! see more ...

filmRain water beads on the surface and runs off showing that the protection is still there after months of driving..


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The Patent

PPS is a unique patented paint sealant with a history of over 20 years. Mr. Roy Nixon, the Patent Engineer made significant changes to the product and its performance in 1992 and re-patented it as "PPS" with the U.S. Patent # 5,081,171. In 1996 SuperGard / GardGroup, having knowledge and first hand experience with the product became the Exclusive Canadian Distributor. Just over a year later in 1997, the PPS Patent was purchased from Mr. Nixon.  

    PPS Polishing uses PATENTED technology.

This technology called electrophoresis dynamics is the chemical application of the “bar magnet” principle that opposite poles attract. In the practical application the wash solution (polarizer) opens the pores of the paint and puts a positive charge on the paint. The anionic PTFE resins are negatively charged, so by the above dynamics it is pulled into the pores of the paint. Only PTFE resin formulated in an anionic aqueous solution can seal paint, otherresins will have no effect.

The PTFE Resins and the patented formula creates many advantages >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          

  • PTFE shows superb stability even under high temperatures and in the presence of solvents, oils, oxidants, ultra violet rays and other influences of the operating environment.
  • PTFE remains stable from 536 °F to -328 °F.
  • PTFE has excellent anti-adhesive properties.
  • PTFE is extremely resistant to the influence of the most corrosive organic and inorganic chemical compounds.
  • PTFE is Noncombustible & has a low heat conduction capacity.
  • PTFE has an extremely low friction coefficient.
  • PTFE has absolute resistance during a long stay in water.
  • PTFE does not change its optical properties under the influence of various corrosive operating mediums.
  • PTFE is chemically pure and inert and does not influence the operating environment.


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